O'Neil Computer Consulting

Program Development

Custom Software

        O'Neil Computer Consulting, OCC, discuses your needs and often interviews employees to evaluates your needs in order to create a custom fit software package. A package that will capture the data you need and provide the reports to run your business better.

        To better communicatie with customers and vendors data can be sent over the internet by files or services. For those times the data can't be sent over the internet, careful attention is paid to elimnate duel entry and create efficient procedures.

Database Design

    Good Relational Database Design allows you to analyze your data in the most productive way. Your organization probably already has all the information needed, but doesn't utilize it to its full advantage. Proper Relational Database Design will let you see the true facts of your business, allowing the company to make intelligent and informed decisions. This will enable an organization to get a jump on its competition, and stay ahead.

What Customers Are Saying!

The staff at O’Neil Computer Consulting have been responsive and efficient in providing us support.  Plus, the programming has been exactly what we have requested every time and flexible enough to expand when we found it necessary.  They have made a tremendous difference in our ability to conduct our business.